Registered Bridal Consultant Course

The Registered Bridal Consultant course, offered by National Bridal Service, sets the standard for knowledge, expertise and service. This course is offered in two areas. One is for consultants in Bridal Fashion stores and the other is offered to consultants in Jewelry and Fine Gift Stores. These two courses are unique and specialized for professional consultants working in independently owned, Bridal or Jewelry and Fine Gift stores.

Consultants may work their way through the course at their own pace. Each chapter adds a wealth of knowledge. Individuals in all professions that achieve a high level of success always look back to a key individual (coach, instructor or teacher) that took a personal interest in their career development. We use that same approach. Your assignments are not graded by a computer, but are graded by a person who cares and responds with personal comments.

Upon successful completion of the course, the consultant will earn the title of Registered Bridal Consultant – a title earned by consultants representing only a small percentage of those working in the industry today. For more information, contact Lynda Fitch at 804-372-3307 or Lynda@weddingsbeautiful.com
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The Bridal Fashion course is an 18-assignment, 251 page course which covers all aspects of the bridal fashion industry and customer relations. This course will equip the consultant with the ability to offer expert advice; and handle all situations, all types of brides and all kinds of weddings.

$355 for members of NBS
$525 for non-members

*Not available to non-members that are in a current members exclusive area.

The Jewelry and Fine Gift course is a 16-assignment, 260 page course. This course welcomes the consultant into a rare group of experts who can guide brides and grooms in selecting gifts for their wedding party, and registry items that will compliment their lives together while at the same time offering a service to wedding guests looking to gift the bride and groom with the best choices.

$330 for members of NBS
$495 for non-members

*Not available to non-members that are in a current members exclusive area.

Bridal Fashion

Registered Bridal Consultant Course Outline

ASSIGNMENT #1 – THE WORLD OF BRIDAL: An overview of the industry and five factors influencing the bridal market.

ASSIGNMENT #2 – UNDERSTANDING BRIDAL FASHION: Provides comprehensive product knowledge. Topics covered including sizing, design elements, gown components, and using that product knowledge to sell effectively.

ASSIGNMENT #3 – GROOM’S TRADITIONS, ROLES AND FORMALWEAR: Focuses on his role, duties and style choices.

ASSIGNMENT #4 – WEDDING INVITATIONS: Provides a thorough and user-friendly guide to selecting and selling wedding invitations.

ASSIGNMENT #5 – THE HISTORY OF WEDDING TRADITIONS: It is helpful for the skilled consultant to know about the ethnic traditions and customs from many other cultures.

ASSIGNMENT #6 – MARKETING BRIDAL: Introduces the ten steps to achieving sales success in bridal.

ASSIGNMENT #7 – PERFECTING THE TEN STEPS: Focuses on the first four steps – opening the sale, gathering information about the wedding, gown selection, confirming and reassuring.

ASSIGNMENT #8 – HANDLING OBJECTIONS: Looks at the role of objections in completing the sale and tackles some of the most common ones.

ASSIGNMENT #9 – CLOSE AND REASSURE: Works to understand this critical part of the selling process by discussing the importance of asking good questions. Provides classic examples of closings that work.

ASSIGNMENT #10 - COMPLETING THE STEPS: Stresses the important of an effective sales wrap up, in introducing “add on sales”, the roles of self evaluation of effective follow up.

ASSIGNMENT #11 – MORE THOUGHTS ON SELLING: Suggests more ideas from the experts on how to improve selling techniques. Includes specific ideas that have worked for successful consultants.

ASSIGNMENT #12 – COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Success in bridal depends on our ability to communicate clearly and effectively with our customers and co-workers.

ASSIGNMENT #13 – TIME – A PRECIOUS POSSESSION: In this world of 24-7 activity, it urges us to use our limited time wisely and offers suggestions on how to do this most effectively.

ASSIGNMENT #14 - ETIQUETTE: Learning the rules of etiquette gives a bridal consultant self-confidence.

ASSIGNMENT #15 –MENTAL POWER: the distance between the benefits of achievement and the level of mediocrity is entirely one of decision.

ASSIGNMENT #16 – CUSTOMER SERVICE: A focus on customer service and satisfaction is a strong, viable strategy for growth.

ASSIGNMENT #17– STORE OPERATIONS: Focuses on the responsibilities of all staff to help manage store assets: merchandise care guidelines, loss prevention, credit card and bad checks.

ASSIGNMENT #18 – FINAL EXAM AND EVALUATION OF COURSE: Upon completion of this assignment, you will receive the title and a certificate as a Registered Bridal Consultant.

Jewelry and Fine Gift

Registered Bridal Consultant Course Outline

ASSIGNMENT #1 – YOU CAN MAKE THAT SALE AND REGISTER THE BRIDE PROPERLY: Covers the gift registry, the anatomy of a sale and the importance of “closing,” plus 18 tips for achieving excellent sales performance. Also shows tools and discusses how to properly register the bride.

ASSIGNMENT #2 – THE REMARKABLE HISTORY OF DINNERWARE: From the first pottery of the Egyptians to the development of porcelain on the continent, this chapter covers the history of dinnerware and contains a brief synopsis of manufacturers, as well.

ASSIGNMENT #3 – ALL ABOUT FLATWARE: Journey through time, from biblical days to the present, as you read the history of silver, how a pattern is developed, the multiple uses of flatware pieces and how to sell flatware.

ASSIGNMENT #4 – ALL ABOUT STEMWARE: From a handful of sand to the finished product, this chapter also covers present day manufacturers.

ASSIGNMENT #5 – THE GIFT REGISTRY AND GIFTWARE: A synopsis of companies making popular giftware and how to expand your registry to include giftware and decorative accessories.

ASSIGNMENT #6 – THE MAGIC OF TABLETOPS: Color, themes, inventive centerpieces and napkin folding are all a part of setting a table. This chapter challenges your creative imagination.

ASSIGNMENT #7 – WAYS TO MAKE A BRIDAL REGISTRY WORK: Fifty-two ideas to increase bridal registrations in your store.

ASSIGNMENT #8 – THE PROPERLY MERCHANDISED WEDDING: A Challenge to sell more for each registered bride.

ASSIGNMENT #9 – WEDDING INVITATIONS: From the evolution of paper to proper wording for different wedding circumstances, this assignment will put you “up front” when selling wedding invitations.

ASSIGNMENT #10 – ETHNIC CUSTOMS AND WEDDING TRADITIONS: We are living in a multi-cultural world. Learn about the ethnic customs from 41 countries. Most brides are interested in the history of wedding traditions. What’s the meaning behind “Something Old, something new”? This chapter will serve as a reference manual for many years.

ASSIGNMENT #11 – PERSONAL PUBLIC RELATIONS: Positive and negative attitudes and how they affect sales.

ASSIGNMENT #12 – ETIQUETTE: This assignment requires the reading of a book, which is a delightful and practical guide to modern-day etiquette. Learning the rules of etiquette gives a person self-confidence.

ASSIGNMENT #13 – TIME, OUR MOST PRECIOUS POSSESSION: Each person has all the time there is. Those who excel, learn how to manage each moment.

ASSIGNMENT #14 – MENTAL POWER: Desire, imagination, determination and persistence will ultimately determine how much you achieve.

ASSIGNMENT #15 – TALK LESS, SAY MORE: Communication is the lifeline of all endeavors.

ASSIGNMENT #16 – FINAL EXAM AND EVALUATION OF COURSE: Upon completion of this assignment, you will receive the title and a certificate as a Registered Bridal Consultant.

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